Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

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This Natural Deodorant includes Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil. Each of these oils have been shown to have powerful antibacterial properties. 

This Herbal Deodorant is free from harmful chemicals such as artificial colors, parabens and aluminum compounds, silica, triclosan, talc, propylene, and steareth-n.

It's time to stop using harmful chemicals on your body and switch to an alternative that is not only natural, but works.

This product is not an antiperspirant. It is an antimicrobial deodorant that keeps you from getting smelly. Body odor is not caused by your sweat, it is caused by the bacteria that hang out in your arm pits. You get smelly when the bacteria starts to metabolize the sweat. No bacteria means no smell. 

***Please keep in mind that there will be a small detox period when switching to aluminum free deodorants from your standard, store bought deodorant. Your pores are clogged and will need to detox, and you may notice more sweating than typical. This is normal, and healthy, and things will soon regulate! Also, please do not apply within an hour or so of broken skin from shaving.

Available in:

Him [A light, clean, masculine fragrance]

Her [A light, fresh flora fragrance]

Anybody [Fragranced only by the oils used; Unscented]

*Also available in custom scents.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Cocoa Butter, Arrow Root Powder, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Probiotics (may contain fragrance)

DIRECTIONS: Apply lightly to underarms and allow to dry before dressing.

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