Raw Essence Soaps - Body Butter Creamy & With E-Wax

Raw Essence Soaps - Body Butter Creamy & With E-Wax

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Recipe and instructions on how to make Body Butters. One recipe is creamy at room temp the other is for a firmer Body Butter, but it's still soft and goes on smooth.

PDF file for immediate download.

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We as formulators, take time, effort, and wasted materials/products to develop quality recipes that are worthy to be sold, so that you can produce a great product. we make our money back by selling our finished recipes. Please understand the nature of our business so be respectful; if anyone asks for the recipe, please direct them to our website. 

DISCLAIMER: This recipe is to be made, use, and sold at your own risk. Have product insurance in place and look up IFRA max usage rates for fragrances before using any fragrances. Please educate yourself in safe cosmetic making practices including sanitization, proper preservation, handling, packaging & shelf life before making & selling any bath & body products.

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